Buteyko Breathing for Anxiety

Breathe well and feel better. Find and continue to do what you love.

  • Start when you want
  • One to one on-line learning
  • Complete booking flexibility

Mental health improvement is for everyone

Having good mental health is not just about managing anxiety, depression or anger, nor is it about feeling good all the time. 

It’s about continuously using a set of tools that help prevent and reduce the stress that comes to us every day.

When we breathe well and learn to get out of the default mode of rumination, we will sleep and act better, we will have more fulfilling lives. 

How Buteykohead works:

Answer a questionnaire

Choose a date and time that suits you

Learn one to one with our practitioner

The benefits of learning with us:

https://images.vexels.com/media/users/3/157931/isolated/preview/604a0cadf94914c7ee6c6e552e9b4487-curved-check-mark-circle-icon-by-vexels.pngExperienced practitioners who specialise in mental health

https://images.vexels.com/media/users/3/157931/isolated/preview/604a0cadf94914c7ee6c6e552e9b4487-curved-check-mark-circle-icon-by-vexels.pngOne to one learning that is tailored to suit you

https://images.vexels.com/media/users/3/157931/isolated/preview/604a0cadf94914c7ee6c6e552e9b4487-curved-check-mark-circle-icon-by-vexels.pngFollow up sessions that will track your progress

https://images.vexels.com/media/users/3/157931/isolated/preview/604a0cadf94914c7ee6c6e552e9b4487-curved-check-mark-circle-icon-by-vexels.pngLearn at times that are convenient for you

https://images.vexels.com/media/users/3/157931/isolated/preview/604a0cadf94914c7ee6c6e552e9b4487-curved-check-mark-circle-icon-by-vexels.pngLearn at your own pace: There are no monthly restrictions

https://images.vexels.com/media/users/3/157931/isolated/preview/604a0cadf94914c7ee6c6e552e9b4487-curved-check-mark-circle-icon-by-vexels.pngEasy scheduling and rescheduling of sessions

https://images.vexels.com/media/users/3/157931/isolated/preview/604a0cadf94914c7ee6c6e552e9b4487-curved-check-mark-circle-icon-by-vexels.pngPay as you use: You only need to pay for 1 session at a time

What do our students say about our Buteyko training?