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  Our simple terms: By booking with us, you agree to the following:


Please be aware that the Buteyko method and the integrated therapy courses that we provide are not a substitute for professional medical care by a qualified medical doctor or other health care professional.

Always check with your doctor if you have any concerns about your condition or treatment.

Please note that the therapies mentioned are not intended to replace conventional medical treatment and care. Nor are they intended to replace formal diagnosis and treatment by a qualified medical practitioner.

Taking up any course with us should not be used if you are at immediate risk of harming yourself or others. Please use the suggested crisis services here if you find yourself unable to cope. They will be able to help you in a more immediate way than we can.

Our therapies may give information or guidance that could bring about positive change and such information or guidance is given to you the student to consider. Although the practitioner will be supportive and as helpful as possible in all decision making and change processes, any resulting choices and changes made by the student do remain the personal and legal responsibility of the student.

Booking Flexibility

It is anticipated that it will take 4 to 5 sessions – all sessions are 1 hour in duration – for you to learn our techniques. We suggest that these sessions take place once or twice a week, however, we are completely flexible as to when you may book a session. All sessions are assigned on a first come first-served basis. Bookings are made by selecting a date and time slot. All time slots are automatically set in your local time. You will be sent a confirmation email of your session time and later a reminder SMS. If you wish to change your booking please let us know at least one day in advance and we will try our best to arrange a time slot that is convenient for you. To change your booking, or if you have any queries about bookings get in touch with us here or email us: bookings@buteykohead.com


Within limits provided for by law, all interactions that take place between you and us are considered confidential. This includes questionnaires, all sessions with the practitioner, any scheduling or appointment notes, all session content records and any progress notes that are taken during your sessions. No information will be shared or revealed to any person, agency, or organisation without your prior written consent. 

Instant Booking

Follow these steps to book a session with us using Setmore Scheduling

1.Choose your video calling software.

Skype Users: Have your Skype Name ready, we will call you at your chosen time.

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Zoom Users: We will email and Whats App you a Zoom Invitation five minutes before your session time.

Buteyko Breathing Zoom Instructions

2. Choose a date and time slot.

Appointments will be shown in your local time.

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3. Enter your details and pay
(the cost per session is $50 USD).